LABEL IDEAS : Committed to excellence

IDEAS Label testifies of the Good Practices of a nonprofit organization in three fields : the governance, the financial management and the action’s effectiveness. 

These three fields

are broken down into several objectives 


  • A well-defined and monitored Project, a carefully-crafted middle-term strategy
  • Disinterested management
  • High-achieving governing and managing bodies
  • Adequate procedures and controls to meet possible risks
  • Respect of donors in communication and fund raising


  • Regular, accurate book-keeping to give a genuine picture of the situation
  • Readable, high-quality, available and widely-distributed book-keeping information
  • A high-achieving, consistent and reliable budget-management tool

Action Effectiveness

  • Performance piloting and assessment tools to help with decision making
  • Regular benchmarking, emulation and pursuit of best practices
  • Curbing of fund raising and operating costs, as well as surplus management
  • Internal and external auditing to testify for the action’s genuineness and effectiveness

What is IDEAS Institute ?

IDEAS is a non-profit organization which aims to help charities and foundations sustain their development through best practices. The process leads to the IDEAS label, which recognizes the quality of governance, financial management and the action’s efficiency of nonprofit organizations. This label drives donors’ trust (philanthropists, sponsors and institutional actors) in the whole charity sector.